Tracks of 2016: #14 Palomino Party


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What the Hell are we listening to?

That’s a question often placed straight at my door. At work (because I try to sneak on 6Music for a bit). At home (because I try to sneak 6Music on for a bit). At house parties (because invitations to use Spotify always turns my head into a mush of mainstream chart music and cheese at the worst possible times).

Question me again, then, folks, because here’s Palomino Party and I haven’t got an inch of an idea. To what am I listening? To whom? For why?

Great though, eh? Unhinged at the start, in that way which would cause the unsuspecting outsider to reach for the “skip” button. And you’re talking to an expert here, I had a barmaid use the BIG BAD JUKEBOX SKIP RED BUTTON OF DOOM before “One Night In Bangkok” had got past the orchestral sweep of its introductory movement. “Black Russian” turns into a sludgy, murky, pop-sprinkled guitar wigout and I ruddy love it, so skip button be damned, I don’t know much about this band at all although I’m certain we could prop up a few bars.

Tracks of 2013 — #10 Y Pencadlys

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From Manchester to Wales. The enigmatic and elusive W H Dyfodol may have put flickers on your radar screen with ‘Lufthansa’, a gorgeous little lo-fi number from his days in Land of Bingo. Whether he flicks from project to project on the cusp of whims is unknown, though if the results always come up as good as they have done so far, whim-away. (….I’m so, so sorry.)

I picked up this song via the unfathomably excellent C2 programme on BBC Radio Cymru, and don’t for one second think that it’s a hard slog to listen to a daily Welsh version of 6Music. You watch ‘Forbrydelsen’ don’t you? With a slant towards twee and fresh-faced indie kids, C2 nevertheless covers just about any fresh and interesting Welsh-based outfit coming up with new tunes, and when faced with Y Pencadlys, the current Dyfodol project, how could anybody resist?

“Mae Pawb Yn Haeddu Glaw Yn Waeth Na Fi” (Welsh for ‘Everybody Deserves Rain More Than I Do’) buries itself deep in new-wave beats and zig-zag rhythms, cutting up melody and vocals to its very fringes. That title will become the least expected ear worm of the year, the downbeat delivery somehow counteracted by the jagged music below.

The highly enthusiastic Peski Records have an ear for the charming and the disarming, so Y Pencadlys (“The Headquarters”) is just one of many leftfield choices to consider if this track pricks at the right part of your brain. An album is due out next year.