Tracks of 2014 — #20 Kyla la Grange “Cut Your Teeth”

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One attraction for me above most others (song wise; I won’t go into any other eye-catching motif just yet) has to be naturally formed melody. That one line, the one bridge, the killer hook, whatever it turns out to be, it is phrased within a tune that just makes your insides flutter. “Cut Your Teeth” is one of those (and heaven knows its been a running theme throughout the selections this year).

I know little about Kyla La Grange. Her back catalogue certainly seems cut to the melodic bias, but like Mø or Florence without her Machines, there’s a stand-offish attitude I really like. That might be worth mentioning at my next therapy sessions. Anyroad, “Cut Your Teeth” has a pop sensibility whilst swaggering around with a verve part-resentful, part-gloating. It is quite the undiscovered gem; it can’t be long before it’s ”rediscovered”