Tracks of 2014 — #18 The Sunshine Underground “Don’t Stop”

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Let’s be very clear here. This is a TUNE (capital T, funny hand gesture) and no mistake (frantic nodding).

I’m at the action end of the 30s these days so my visits to dancefloors have all but dried up. Had I heard “Don’t Stop” more often this year on my jaunts out to the hotspots of Lancashire, I would have found it difficult to leave. It’s just one of those great indie belters, a slab of funky groovy goodness all served up on a proper plate, none of this polished slate nonsense. I know that ‘indie’ is going through yet another of its inner turmoil moments of late, and it’s difficult to turn to even 6Music without being swamped by neatly fashioned types with a couple of chords and a whoah-ho-ho chorus or twelve, so chancing upon something like this little number is all the sweeter.

The Sunshine Underground have been getting on with various shades of peaks and troughs for many a moon. “Don’t Stop” is one of the better examples of their current swagger and I hope it’s going to pay off eventually for them. Hardworking, yes. Recognised for such? No. Harsh.