Tracks of 2015: #8 ‘Full Circle’ (George Fitzgerald ft Boxed In)


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I remember the nodding head that accompanied hearing this track for the first time. Satisfaction. Delight. Pleasure. The sense of feeling good about the world, if only for five minutes, through the medium of Spotify.

“Full Circle” itself goes full circle. It builds – sort of – into compressed electro beats and soulful heights – before a slow release winding down into its opening introduction. The circular motion is hypnotic, placed in a chilled-out middle ground between ambiance and techno. I’ve been somewhat cruel towards Years and Years this…er…year: there’s something in ‘Full Circle’ which speaks of what they could be without the full neon-light mainstream gloss and shine. The underpinning maturity of ‘Full Circle’ is the central reason why it’s on this list while, for example, “Shine” is not. I like my melodic dance-influenced mid-tempo ballads like most people, but I prefer them sounding like this.

Tracks of 2015: #5 ‘Interference’ (Holly Herndon)


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I cannot recall the first time hearing ‘Interference’. Was it through random Spotify musings? A playlist? A recommended SoundCloud account? No idea. No memory. Like the slivers of voices, sounds and beats in the track itself, its origin remains obscured.

‘Interference’ is abstract as all hell. My innocent first impressions waited for the jigsaw pieces to fall together, for something clear to form through the mesh of noises. Nothing as obvious as a chorus appears, of course. The track hints at its insides and cheekily flashes its origins and then, tide-like, washes away towards the horizon. Or indeed numerous horizons.

Instantly sent back through my memory to times when I gobbled up Warp-records’ less approachable obscurities through an aching (and annoying) desire for only music from the fringes, the more mature (honest) version of me takes this track for what it is: challenging, magical, musical, and beautiful.