Tracks of 2014 — #23 Thumpers “Tame”

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 Oh I might end up regretting this. Two entries left this month, and my remaining shortlist of cracking tunes of the past twelve months is tumbling out of my Spotify account, leaking all over my internets. I can’t swipe clean, let alone left or right, without another belter suddenly leaping into my ears. Darn you, arbitrary cut-off points.

“Tame” has been chosen because, ultimately, it’s daft. It’s got all the characteristics of a 2014-vintage indie tune; knowingly vintage, hardly a chorus to speak of, folksy off-mic harmonies. But what’s that running all the way through? Well, contemporary references abound, that’ll be a new take on the tribal chanting from “Little Britain”, that is. No, the song, not the…never mind. Are all Thumpers songs like this? I hope so. This one is nuts, certifiably mad, and I just know it has to push aside the clump of nearly-not-quite-sorry songs I’ve been tossing and turning about recently.

Not to say that “Tame” is a lucky loser. Like so many of the songs of this year, there’s a great respect of pop sensibilities here without losing any cred under the surface. Heck, this is entry level Arcade Fire, this is, with quite a bit of Gruff Rhys’ psychedelia too, and that’s always going to prick up my ears. As t’were.