Tracks of 2015: #7 ‘Strange Combinations’ (Teleman)


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Still being a sucker for the catchy and melodic.

No idea what this song truly means. Certainly no idea about the video (I had this track only on SoundCloud until approximately 30 seconds ago). You may not have much knowledge about this song either. Well listen, please. You’ll get it stuck in your head….instantly.

Insofar as it can be summarised “Strange Combinations” is an 80s/90s love-in stuffed to the brim with indie sensibilities, topped off with nodding to Hot Chip (at the very least). I’m not calling this song original because it’s not: what Teleman do have is the spirit of a hundred haunted houses and all present in almost a perfect three-minute pop slammer.

The folks at Speedy Wundergound, for it is they, sell out of their much loved new releases as fast as the records are pressed. It’s no surprise for something like this: simple and very effective pop, twisted as a telephone wire, all delivered with gusto. Sodding love it.