Tracks of 2015: #6 ‘Ship to Wreck’ (Florence & The Machine)


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The perfect companion track to ‘Tell Me Where It Hurts’ from Garbage.

Give me a whammer of a chorus and I’ll give you a smile. Give me Florence (and her machine) bashing out a very 21st century take on Fleetwood Mac at their most groovy and I’m yours for life. What darn tooting, no nonsense song writing this is: every element perfectly formed and timed in a pop-package undercut by the biting lyrics and chilling accompanying video. And who does videos very well these days? Florence certainly does.

Some songs just hit me right where it matters. Instant hit. This is one of them, and it doesn’t come at the end of a long line of Florence songs with the same impact. Yea I like what I’ve heard, thought the Glasto performance was satisfyingly bonkers, like to see a band like this doing well with commercial and less-so media. Thing is, I haven’t always turned my head towards the next single with hyperactive joy across my face. Until now. Brittle and bold as the lyrics may be, gorgeous as the video might happen to look, this song works because each of its parts combines so brilliantly. Old fashioned pop sensibilities do win out.

Tracks of 2015 (Index)

Yes, it’s back.

*blows cobwebs off blog, has asthma attack*

Back in 2013 I had an idea. You can see the Index for that idea here. Very pop-orientated. Very mainstream. I have pop sensibility and like a chorus strong enough to use as ballast, but really, I’m surprised by my choices coming across as more Radio 2 than 6Music. I would not choose the same list, nor put it in the same order now.

One year later is my 2014 Index . It is certainly less mainstream, maybe not organised quite how I would if doing it again (opening with Katy B, now there’s a misunderstanding about drawing in readers).

This year has seen my Spotify, SoundCloud, and ‘tucked in the back of the brain’ longlists growing by the week. Soon I will confirm the results of all that here – and as ever, the chosen 24 songs are presented in no particular order. In so many ways, this ain’t a chart.

  1. Grimes, “REALiTI”
  2. Richard Lomax, “Hôtel X”
  3. Sia, “Alive”
    4. Gwenno, “Patriarchaeth”
    5. Holly Herndon, “Interference”
    6. Florence and The Machine, “Ship to Wreck”
    7. Teleman, “Strange Combinations”
    8. George Fitzgerald ft Boxed In, “Full Circle”

9. Taylor Swift, “Style”
10. Then Thickens, “My Amsterdam”
11. Death Cab For Cutie, “The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive”
12. Nick Jonas, “Jealous

13. Björk, “Stonemilker”
14. Loïc Nottet, “Rhythm Inside”

15. Polypores, “The Sleep Department Advise You NOT to Leave the House”
16. Everything Everything, “Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread”
17. Girl Friend, “Poison”
18. Slug, “Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped in Plastic”
19. New Order, “Plastic”
20. The Slow Readers Club, “I Saw a Ghost”

21. Giorgio Moroder ft Britney Spears, “Tom’s Diner”
22. John Grant ft Tracy Grant, “Disappointing”
23. Twin Hidden, “A Berry Bursts”

24. Daphne and Celeste, “You & I Alone”