Tracks of 2014 — #17 Röyksopp and Robyn “Monument”

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Hold my hand up time. I did not know when (or for that matter, how) Robyn became such an icon amongst the hip, happening and trendy set. Maybe she always has been, and I’m the clueless chump. There could be a whole shelving unit of music I’ve ignored and dismissed, I wouldn’t know. And for that, although I don’t know to whom, I apologise.

“Monument” is quite the introduction, if that’s the right word to use. Not merely dream-like, but ethereal, a quality I recognised from something yonks ago from Björk’s “Headphones” (although, of course, contemporary references are available). The prevailing mood is quite stark, as all Scandi-dance should be, with the pop sensibility I’d expect from the Robyn I assumed was trapped in the charts of my youth. Shows how much I know.