Tracks of 2014 — #21 Real Estate “Talking Backwards”

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Softly spoken, day-dream like, and with a cunning loosening of melody, “Talking Backwards” is the great effortless indie track of the year which fits the term “shimmering” so often attached to songs of this kind in years past. Real Estate have been busying themselves for a tidy while without causing too many bleeps on the cultural radar: this year’s Atlas album has changed all that, with this song perhaps being the great stand out push from underground to mainstream attention.

It’s the softly-softly approach I like the most; somewhere tiptoeing around Weezer and REM, very clearly “Atlantic” in its phrasing and character. It is as winter-warming as it is summer tune, light in tone whilst being of significant weight. I’ve had it humming away around my head for months, which can’t be too bad a thing.