Tracks of 2014 — #16 Neneh Cherry “Blank Project”

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Unless I miss my guess, music commentators of December 2014 have all but forgotten about Neneh Cherry’s highly praised comeback album from the earliest breaths of the year. Maybe they’ve got short memories. Maybe they didn’t really like the album after all. It does appear that she will be leaving the year somewhat frustrated and deflated: “Blank Project” is no embarrassment and this track is certainly not best left on the shelf forgotten.

An usually structured song, with a great whammer of anger throughout, “Blank Project” is a good reminder about Cherry as a woman who knows her talents and how to build on them. Maybe history has been cruel to her, maligning her as something of a one-hit wonder, when she is anything but. This song has all the energy and spark of a newbie singer attempting to make a splash on the radio, yet bubbles over with a character so bonkers you’d consider crossing the road rather than standing with it under the same bus shelter. I hope somebody somewhere has remembered about this song for their own end of year rundown, because it has all the elements of a cracking little “known unknown”.