Tracks of 2014 — #7 Carcharorion “Hiraeth”

Tracks of 2014
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The way journalism covers the Welsh-language music scene you’d assume that those who make some pretty darn tootin’ sounds all the way over there have beamed in from Neptune. Whilst my occasional dippings into the radio show C2 and Ochr1 on S4C don’t always return dozens of new bands to follow, the variety of music is always an enjoyable surprise.

“Hiraeth” is a track that made its way into my ears almost immediately on hearing it through Welsh-language media (I think through the excellent Cam o’r Tywyllwch via SoundCloud). Trippy, dream-like and with a certain retro charm, “Hiraeth” perhaps works all the better because of the natural rhythm of the language, an element I may be highlighting with other songs later in the rundown SPOILERIFFIC

I must also give a quick plug to Peski Records, who have featured on my earlier rundown, and who should be a starting point for anybody unsure of where to start on their Welsh-language journey.