Tracks of 2013 — #5 Deerhunter

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Hold on tight to your indie sensibilities, it’s another band with seat reservations at the Theatre of Post-Punk. Though Deerhunter have travelled many a place down the years, without making the impact I thought they would. It is odd (to me, so remember to convert your measurements into Normal Numbers) that a band with touches of Strokes, Interpol, and Kings of Leon never quite break into the bubble of the popular consciousness. Unless they are more established than I realise, it’s hard to fathom out when their Wikipedia article is viewed, on average, by 625 people a day.

This year’s ‘Monomania’ album was largely well received, its mood particularly set to “Dylan” with all the gruff, grainy and garage-y sounds that have not always been their stock in trade. Tracks such as “Leather Jacket II” and “Sleepwalking” show the range of the album, at turns wig-out and dirty, then expansive with lashings of melancholy. The stand out for me, “Pensacola”, tiptoes through southern rock and post-punk as though trying not to wake the neighbours, and for all of its subtlety (“I could be your boyfriend, or I could be your shame.”) doesn’t half pack a punch. If the word ‘swagger’ is misused in music reviewing, may I apologise on our behalf, it’s just with this track the word is perfectly apt.