Tracks of 2013 — #22 David Bowie

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Another entry to be filed under ‘Bit Obvious Really’.

Surprise album releases has been the theme of the year, with Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ the most unexpected of all. The ponderous lead single ‘Where Are We Now?’ had me chin-stroking, and the triumphant “The Stars (Are Coming Out Tonight)” got me punching the air. (That opening guitar melody sounding so classic and old-school, like a riff that’s been hiding for years ready to burst out at the first sign of iTunes stagnating under all that autotunedroboticshiphopsludge)

I have ‘Valentine’s Day’ as the stand out because it’s such an angry little song all cooped up and squashed against the cage eager to burst out, just over three minutes long but seeming like a cut from a much longer, much darker track from an earlier part of his career. It’s not easy to review Bowie, he’s produced some dirge in his time/the 80s, whilst this is one of the richest seams of his career.