Tracks of 2014 — #8 Beck “Blue Moon”

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As a bloke whose teenage years stretched across the action end of the 1990s, Beck was unavoidable. Every other video on MTV was Beck, and indie club DJs knew that a quick burst of Beck was always a banker. In preparation for this entry, I considered whether or not I actually liked Beck, then or now, and I am still chin-stroking. On balance, probably not, and that is despite trying really hard to ‘get’ him.

One great swathe of not thinking about him much at all, along comes “Morning Phase” and all is good again. I have pressed repeat many a times across this album, with so many strong and emotive songs in the country-blues style. I don’t know if this has been a route taken by Beck whilst I’ve noticed, but he’s bloody good at it, that much is true. This song in particular makes my heart jump, I love its temperament and emotion, coming (for me at least) from a very unexpected source.

I know that Beck has personal beliefs which are somewhat cuckoo-bananas, but for the sake of this track, and from this album, this song is worth looking beyond all that.