Clegg Factor

God damn, it’s a good time to be a Liberal Democrat.

Above most serious and considered reasons, we’ve got the Daily Mail spitting feathers. I will warn you, it’s Daily Mail at about Level 5 on the “Palin Scale”, so if this is against your current medication, allow me to summarise their complaints about Nick Clegg and our party;

1) The LibDems are going to enforce socialism onto this great nation of ours (like Barack Obama did, FACT).
2) All LibDem MPs are so incompetent and untrustworthy that not a single one of them flipped their homes (the only thing we could drag up was claims for lipstick and a trouser press, how CORRUPT and TWISTED must these LibDems be?)
3) Despite claiming they want to clean up politics, not once has the LibDem party been successful in forcing through reforms past a stubborn and corrupt Labour Party and a solidly establishment Tory opposition (Clegg is dripping with principle, it STINKS)
4) They were actually against the Iraq War long before we all twigged that it was pretty much an illegal turkey shoot (so what else do they know that we haven’t been told yet, HMM?!?)
5) Apart from Liverpool, Bristol, Sheffield, Newcastle, and countless other places, oh, and Scotland for a time, they couldn’t run a whelk stall.

So, anyway, the Daily Mail is shit scared. And shit. Also, scared.

There shouldn’t be a surprise to any of this, of course, for the red/blue consensus has been sleepwalking into exactly this kind of disaster for years. If any of them thought the expenses scandal would slap them around the face for a bit, they haven’t learned a thing about the British peoples’ ability to hold a grudge.

The Leaders Debates, which began last week with Dave “I met a black man, once” Cameron failing to shake off his Blairite “Look….” sentence structures and public school smugness, and Gordon “I agree with Nick” Brown, have clearly shaken up the 2010 general election in a manner nobody really expected.

If “Jennifer’s Ear” and “Prescott’s Punch” did anything to their respective elections, the media seemed to have declared Eyjafjallajökull and Lord Adonis’ game of Texas Hold ‘Em with the Civil Aviation Authority as the game changers for this one.

Not so fast, news media. For Nick Clegg had something up his sleeve; personality and policies. Tomorrow night should be even better for him, for the Sky News Debate is right up the LibDem street – on international affairs and terrorism, our party holds almost every trump card. From the like-for-like renewal of Trident, through to ID Cards, DNA Database and the truth on MoD spending, it’s the LibDems winning here, and here, and over there too.

David Cameron will fail to argue the point on his relationship with Europe after leaving the EPP for a group of RATHER dodgy extremists; while Brown will suffer from being forever associated with holding the purse-strings while Tony Blair marched into Camp David for a good session of one-sided instructions.

I am under no illusions; the LibDems cannot sustain over 30% in the opinion polls for the entire election. Now, however, is the best chance we have had since the first reawakening of the Liberal Party under Grimond to shake the tired old Establishment from its very high but rotten tree.

The Daily Mail telling voters to “wake up” to the LibDems proves that we’re doing something right. It’s a very good day to carry the membership card of such unconventional troublemakers.

Change That Works For You

May 6, 2010. The next United Kingdom general election.

I’ll be voting for the Liberal Democrats, the only credible choice this year to offer a real alternative from the red/blue consensus that for over 65 years has pushed the country from one side of the road to the other. I genuinely believe the country can be pushed along that road towards a better future rather than constantly tripping up into the verges along the side.

Locally and nationally, people cannot afford to vote Labour on May 6th.

Many claims are made by Labour supporters in the run up to the closest, least predictable election since 1974.

“More school buildings, more teachers, higher standards!” come the cries, like so many tractor manufacture statistics. “Higher levels of truancy, increased education mortgages suffered by University students, continued lack of standards in English and mathematics amongst boys” hint and splutter the statistics under so much spin. It’s Balls, you see, Ed Balls, he of the Department for Chaos and Stupid Fads, the government ministry responsible for asking children to interview teachers to give the impression of improving standards.

Nearly 13 years after Tony Blair was elected in 1997, the nation slowly reaches out from the longest, deepest recession in modern times, optimism remains low and forecasts bleak.

The red/blue consensus were rightfully shamed into silence by Vince Cable, MP for Twikenham, and the man whose warnings against ‘casino banking’ years before the British economy slumped into near catastrophe went unheard by the so-called ‘big two’ experts in Alistair Darling and George Osborne.

Across Great Britain, the Liberal Democrats have proven themselves at local and national level. We delivered our promises working with other parties in the inaugural Scottish Parliament, disproving the lies about unworkable coalition governments. Right here in Preston, it is the Liberal Democrats keeping the minority Conservative administration in check which ensures continued value for money for Preston’s tax payers. Labour continue to sneer and insult.

From your doorstep to your tax bill, the change that works for you comes from the alternative to over 65 years of ‘one last chances’, ‘devils we know’, ‘fresh new leaders’.

In 1979, the people of Britain voted for Thatcher’s Conservatives as the broom to sweep away a discredited, bankrupt, exhausted Labour government.

In 1997, the UK chose Blair’s Labour Party to run out the discredited, sleaze ridden Conservative Party.

In 2010, the choice seems so depressingly familiar. Choose David Cameron to end the tired, discredited, bankrupt Labour Party?

Why run the same broken record every 5 years?

I’m voting Liberal Democrats – for fairer taxes, for increased funding for public transport, for a fair, transparent, and local politics relevant to you, a sustainable economy (proven by our record at local level with frozen and low-level council tax increases).

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