Vaporous Light

New from Vaporous Light, via Akoustik Anarkhy, “The eyes of a fool​/​Isn’t it a thrill”.

Released on 12 September, this double release is a double exposure on the stillness of contemporary acoustic music. The “skipping, surging” first track “The Eyes of a Fool” has a travellers tale character (and for that matter, Deserter’s Songs). It’s short – under 3 minutes short – resembling an introduction showing its ankle through the stage curtains. The mystery is beguiling – is that a ghostly vocal at its fading conclusion, is it forming words?

“Isn’t it a Thrill” (without a question mark, note the intent, it worked for The Strokes), is described by remixer Raymond Ray as “a lost gem from the Gibb brothers albeit in a distinctly lower register.” There’s certainly a 60s vibe here, somewhere underneath one of those new fangled motorway things given the omnipresent drone in the background. With lost spirit vocals, fading out into the gloom, you could be forgiven for thinking the collective 5 minutes is spent in the absence of light rather than any of the Vaporous variety. The lasting impression, as is so often the case with Akoustik, is one of great promise.