Tracks of 2014 — #12 Then Thickens “Restart Your Heart”

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The sound may be a bit grungy, scrungy and sludgy, but all the same, Then Thickens have a solid heart of pure pop sensibilities and have had quite the high profile year as a consequence. They seem to have a magnetic relationship with melody, extracting the very best from every sentiment, hitting the bullseye each time.

Given the thumbs-up from Biffy Clyro, who they supported earlier this year, Then Thickens have released well regarded song after well regarded song in an embarrassment of riches. I love their sound, a sort of Cherry Ghost-meets-Beautiful South-meets-local anesthetic, all undercut with a very bleak northern humour. The track I have chosen for the run down, “Restart Your Heart”, is the greatest example of their skills, for me; produced as a thick wedge of  rock sludge, all shimmered up with a glistening pop overtone. Add to all that with the lost art of good videos (seek out “Tiny Legs” for another belter), and you’ve got a cracking next favourite band between your ears.

Tracks of 2014 — #6 Drippy Dolphin “Oooops”

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Britney, Spice Girls, gun shots, dolphin song; is there anything else you’d like to know?

I can’t remember how I found this (it was a link of some sort from somewhere at some time) but heavens above it’s been raising a smile ever since. It’s truly bonkers, as twisted as telephone wire (contemporary references) and should have you either pressing “Play” the moment it ends or running for the hills in blind panic. I love the pure strength lunacy of it all, as perhaps you’d expect.