Thomas Tantrum – "Hot Hot Summer (Remixed)"

From Southampton, the hitherto chirpy and Britpop Thomas Tantrum have undergone a make-under (a phrase no doubt coined by geometrically-faced wardrobe botherer Gok Wan) with helf from former Chew Lips soundsmith Will Sanderson. Now using the label GWAIIU, the smart-by-halves Sanderson transfers the sunlight and shine in single “Hot Hot Summer” to somewhere in Sara Lund’s coldcase drawer.

Now distinctly more in the area of Shirley Manson with dubstep beats dragging themselves across the place, “Hot Hot Summer” emphasises the character of Thomas Tantrum which was always more Blonde Redhead than Blondie. Where the original brought optimism, so this brings uncertainty, but don’t suppose that is a synonym for “bad”. Quite the opposite; singer Megan Thomas sounds more like a siren than usual, taking the bloke of her choosing regardless of his opinions of the matter. This is a far cry from the usual relationship with magic and melody associated with them, though what spells are cast send fingers rapidly hurtling towards their website on the hunt for more.

‘Hot Hot Summer’
is released through Stranger Records on June 5th and their sophomore album, ‘Mad By Moonlight’ which also features the single ‘Sleep’ is out on June 12th.

You can hear it for yourself here and download: