Norwich North by-election

There is to be a by-election for Norwich North following the resignation of Ian Gibson. The candidates for the vote, to take place on the 29 July, are:

(Updated 10 July)

Peter BAGGS [Independent]
Thomas BURRIDGE [Libertarian]
Bill HOLDEN [Independent]
Howling LAUD [Official Monster Raving Loony Party]
Craig MURRAY [Put an Honest Man into Parliament]
Chris OSTROWSKI [Labour]
April POND [Liberal Democrats]
Rupert READ [Green]
Chloe SMITH [Conservative]
Robert WEST [BNP]

I can find no on-line presence for Peter Baggs, any info welcome.
Thomas Burridge can be found at the his party’s blog, the first (and youngest, indeed) candidature from the UK Libertarian Party with his own blog too
NOTA” has a website stands for “None of the Above”, a phrase which in full is barred by the Registration of Political Parties (Prohibited Words and Expressions) (Amendment) Order 2005 (S.I. 2005/147) [but I guess you may have already known this…]
Bill Holden cannot be found on-line as far as I can see…but did very well as it happens with a very good URL purchase
The Loonies have a website of veritable sanity…
Craig Murray has a controversial but always compelling blog. He was once “our man in Uzbekistan”
Chris Ostrowski is not this tweeter, but via LabourList I discover he beat ffinlo Costain, a man who wrote to Private Eye ages ago about his name being spelled with a small-case double-f
I declare an interest in hoping April Pond does well for the Liberal Democrats. She will continue to fight part of Norwich North when she stands for us in the newly created Broadland constituency next time round, you can support her here
Rupert Read is a local councillor, and he has a blog. The Greens technically won Norwich at last month’s Euro elections, so watch out for them here…
Chloe Smith is the bright, young, Tory hope
Glenn Tingle has his website here, he wants to “tear up the Human Rights Act
I have no issue or problem with the BNP standing, democracy being as it is, but I am sure you will agree that direct links to the British National Party website spells disaster for all concerned.

I am notoriously bad at making predictions – for this one, the only result I can say with some justification is the loss for Labour. Truely deserved.