and in other news…

North Korea news, first. It would be quite typical – if slightly scary, all told – if the latest nuclear development news from the Peoples Republic was missed out because of some gossip or publicity puff-piece on the Western Media.

(Unless, writes a cynic, we’re not supposed to know about Kim’s nuclear ambitions?)

A mate of mine supposed that, if the growing rumours about the skining of the Cheonan turn out true, if the attack was an initial attempt at a coup d’état, such as they are permitted in the North? Not that those responsible may be around any more

[cf. Russia ‘casting adrift’ Somalian pirates. Hint hint. Ahem cough. Aitchoo.]

For no other reason than it’s rather funny, let’s all laugh at Real Madrid for a bit.

(And then boo at Atletico. Watched the Europa League final at the fourth pub of asking, thought Fulham’s equaliser had all the hallmarks of a Woy Comeback Special…only for Forlán to completely spoil my pint of something-real-ale-I-forget-the-name. As it goes, the pub was worth three shakes of the head and befuddled looks on the faces of bar-staff who hadn’t imagined anyone would have actually wanted to watch the game.)

Whilst at work recently, it was proposed to me that all terrorist attacks in this country are set by “all these immigrants coming in, taking our money, then blowing themselves up” (sic, sic, and indeed sic). News that white supremacists were potentially only weeks from causing “carnage” is a reminder that idiots and extremists abound from all corners of life. Ignorance clearly has no care for colour (although, of course, the previous Government’s kneejerk immigration and crime legislation makes black and Asian Britons more likely to be stopped for questioning than white Britons, a point which may underline why the assumption in the minds of some people that “they are all the same”).

Some lighter relief. There’s the one and only way to deal with a Ferrari after its MOT.

My commute into work just got that little bit harder….

And finally….there’s an answer to that ever vexing Middle East problem