away for christmas

With Internet access limited over the Christmas period, this blog is more of a signpost in the middle of a snowy road. Or slushy street corner, whichever.

Have a very Happy Christmas one and all of my readers 🙂


So, what do I think you should be listening to then? Well, Hey Zeus for one. Go seek, they made the Deaf Institute go all wobbly and melty inside. Like one of those Lintl chocolates, just made from indie rather than Swiss sweat.

Sparrow and The Workshop are so darn lovely I expect they donate puppies to local charities before each gig. Or, I dunno, have sex. A lot.

And Fuck Buttons. I mean, honestly, come on.


I know, I know, it’s Twitter, and by next Summer it’ll all be over. Unless thousands of England fans want to live-tweet the World Cup? No? Just me?

I recommend you follow LOADS of people. Go seek some. BinaryDad too. He makes coffee splurt from my nose at work. Senor Bongo is another one, oh yes. And from Preston[e] There’s at least three.


Again, far too many to list here. But Tory Bear, Devil’s Kitchen and LibDemVoice are three to start with.