Tracks of 2013 — #7 CHVRCHES

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OCD is a terrible thing (as are lists on the Internet and fake job rejection letters on Twitter and Channel 5). The bouncing up and down Pedantry Elf who inhabits my brain shrieks “THIS WAS RELEASED IN 2012, YOU’RE DOING THINGS WRONG!”. My heart wants to give in, my brain wants to push forward, my very soul is hiding under the bed, putting everything into alphabetical order or some-such.

Yes quite right, Pedantry Elf, “The Mother We Share” has a release date of November 2012. Steel yourself, man, for the re-release and subsequent love-in by the US (for whom electronic pop is still a quaint novelty, like single-person portions and stuff like that) flung the track back into the national consciousness over here in mid-to-late 2013. OCD or nay, I’m calling it a track of this year. It may result in having my clothes flung out of the cupboard just so I can return them in colour order, but it’s happening. There, see, I’ve written it down. Track of 2013, number seven, “The Mother We Share”, carriage return, save edits.

I’m a sucker for this kind of electro-pop, however so defined. Maybe there’s the latent camp-ery of it all, undercut by palpable melancholy. I loved Naked and Famous’ album from whenever the Heck that was, who might be the most obvious go-to comparison for recent similar types taking coarse production and adding very modern vibes. “The Mother We Share” has this compelling emotive pull that takes this man of a certain age all the way back to something like “Tishbite”. CONTEMPORARY REFERENCES. Historians of a future yet to come will consider this year to be somewhat ill-defined musically, though I trust the remodelling of synthpop in forms such as this will be predominately displayed and fondly remembered.