Tracks of 2014 — #6 Drippy Dolphin “Oooops”

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Britney, Spice Girls, gun shots, dolphin song; is there anything else you’d like to know?

I can’t remember how I found this (it was a link of some sort from somewhere at some time) but heavens above it’s been raising a smile ever since. It’s truly bonkers, as twisted as telephone wire (contemporary references) and should have you either pressing “Play” the moment it ends or running for the hills in blind panic. I love the pure strength lunacy of it all, as perhaps you’d expect.

Timothy Alexander "16/12/27"

Timothy Alexander and Diacope Records are swiftly becoming the watch words in exciting and inventive  House and Techno. The new release “16/12/27”, available to buy from Monday, encapsulates the  risks and revolutions taken, enveloped with a distinctly minimalist flavour.

16/12/27 by Timothy Alexander (
The three sides of the techno triptych relate to each other as so many distant relatives in a family gathering – distinctly different with shared traits, a form of storytelling through solely electronic means. “16” is enclosed, attracting the visceral unease towards dark shadows and the noise you hear from the bedroom when you know there’s nobody around. “12” is an unsettled wind looking for a current to reverse, breaking out into a vaguely tribal motif. The lighter “27” channels multiple layers of sounds and beats through increasingly tighter curves,  not so much blending into each other as assimilating.

Each track is so twisted they might as well be cousins, and married, and really into chains.

You can find out more about Diacope through their Twitter  and Timothy Alexander can be sought after at Soundclound