Tracks of 2016: #24 Polypores and Tulketh


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I had a tough choice for the last of the selections this year, even when the rules of selection are my own to make, break and ignore, and when the order of choice is utterly my own creation.

Did I give one last recognition for all out 21st century pop, millennial note wrangling, or something guitar related in a minority language of the British Isles?

Well amongst the choices, selections and forgotten “likes”, I landed on not just one slice of dark layered techno…but two….

…and they’re created by the same person.

Under the name ‘Tulketh’ comes “Bowling Alley Car Park”, a title which means something to me only because I live directly next to a bowling alley car park. This is the bleak, darker song of the two, one linear path tied around the subtly shifting route of others. Neither shifts much, mind, slowly enveloping into the hypnotic monotony of hanging around urban decay. If you’ve ever seen (as I often do directly from my bedroom window) the blacked out windows of a souped up Fiesta slowly sink into the night from an indiscreet waiting spot on a car park, ‘Tulketh’ has created a disturbing shadow to their shadowy lives.

From ‘Polypores’ is a very different proposition: “Handshake in the Dark” is less urban, more industrial; not so much disturbing as it is mechanical. The greatest whack around the chops with this track is the sound of a descending UFO or incessant deadline or swirling decline into madness of an AI robot. For something so electronic, there’s elements of the very cogs and wheels of machinery in this, some peculiar play between the inevitable and the possible.

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