Tracks of 2016: #23 Yr Eira


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I first heard this song during a typical lazy session of listening to C2, the much underrated indie/rock showcase of Welsh bands and musicians broadcast on BBC Radio Cymru. Often utterly impenetrable to me, it takes a few clicks from their website to the step-sister show “Ochr 1” on S4C to get my fix of unknown bands singing generally unheard songs.

Oh well, it’s a hobby.

“Walk on Water” is not going to win many awards for originality, let’s get that out of the way. I had this song tag-teamed with Y Ffug’s “Love is Stupid” in a playlist for a tidy while, and that didn’t help the originality stakes, let me tell you. What I love is that instant kick of indie-pop,  underneath which bubbles away a band who know what it means to give it full whack when required. Long term readers will know that “raw” is not allowed in music journalism: “tight” is another one and I’m afraid that for the want of any better terms, this is about as raw and tight as…..something inappropriate.

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