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“1973” by Beth Orton is not the song I thought it turned out to be, that’s for certain.

It should be no surprise that Orton is amongst that, perhaps, obvious selection of female singers to whom I always return: that’ll be your Vega, your Bush, you know the score. That “score” is not I was expecting here. But the truth, of course, is that Beth Orton has always been more of the exception than the rule.

This new wave poppy song is more in the form of Beth’s earlier career than the one song from the one album we all know about, thank you very much. The difference with “1973” is how it seemed to appear from nowhere as a fully founded song from completely out of expectations. I remember thinking the same about Neneh Cherry’s “comeback” from the other year (but how unsuccessful that was, as I can’t remember the name of the album or the year it was actually released).

The playful spirit and retro touch attracts to me muchly. In this specific case as much in life, generally.

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