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“Time doesn’t mean much to me, if you’re not my girl,” is a cracker of a lyric, no? It’s one of those charming and long-lost indie lyrics. This song is a charmer, and for all the softly softly chart entry sound at the surface, as a whole there’s a heap load of good solid rock under all that.

I’m a creature of habit and a man of simple pleasures. The greatest loss to mainstream music over the past few years, and that’s a long list from live music television on ‘free to air’ to the demise of actual music journalism, is surely the slow and certain death of liking songs for the sake of liking them. There’s been various shades of music ‘snob’ from the earliest days of commercial music, yes, but whatever has happened to opinion holding over recent years has left this 90s kid awfully baffled.

Tokyo Police Club might very well counter my opinion by showing up as the most on-trend, in fashion, music snobs of the modern age. I’ll keep to holding on to this song as a darn fine belter of its style just in case.

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