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I have absoultely no idea what this song is on about.

But the same was true/is true of most of “Kid A” and that’s considered a contemporary classic. “22, A Million” is a counterpart to many game-changers, Bon Iver taking liberties with hip hop and soul where Radiohead took apart the conventions of rock bands at the time.

Lyrically challenging, musically interesting, as with Frank Ocean not too far away from this in my countdown Bon Iver explores what a man of my aged years still calls ‘sampling’ but which is a far more complex and sophisticated art than the use of a familiar riff somewhere in a backing track. Interpolation and interpretation rule this roost now, sewing rather than patching. I could merrily stepping-stone from track to track, discovering new sounds as I go, and what is wrong with that?

What does “33 “GOD”” mean? A spiritual paean, an exploration of faith, a real time description of the merest meeting of eyes with a former lover? There’s much more, and likely much less, to be taken from such a beautiful, beguiling song, one of the most cryptic songs on my chosen list.

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