Tracks of 2016: #4 Le Super Homard


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Sunshine and showers, that’s how I like my indie. This song has all the impact of Blonde Redhead’s “The Dress” with such a twee/indie/happy-clappy disposition that I want to hug it, and squeeze it, and call it George.

Dear readers, a plea. There’s a Spanish indie-pop outfit from YONKS ago whose sunshine and cheer sounds made me beam from ear to ear. They sounded almost identical to Le Super Homard, and I’d love to reacquaint myself with them. Answers and suggestions to the comment section below. Many thanks.

Put a pin inside any point within the recent timeframe of French music and you won’t quite get the moment which created Le Super Homard. I know very little about them. They’re French, they don’t hang around for long per song, and something about the shadow behind the cheery lyrics really attracts me. I’m an old sort these days. This sound makes me long for a Rough Trade compilation CD and no coursework. And if not dry salt in my hair, dry salted peanuts.

I said peanuts. Filth.

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