Tracks of 2016 — Index

Friends, acquaintances, people who serve me 10% DIPAs against all our better judgements, all puff out their cheeks and exclaim: pfft, eh, funny old year, this. 

Indeed is has been. Summaries of this year have had to start some time around mid-October just to make sure they included everything and still managed not to fit in everything. Here’s my little tiny speck of dust on the Internet windshield. As ever (and yes, I’ve done these things before, and now they’ve become the only reason for this blog’s existence), this is my show and not yours (*thwoop*), so what I mean by “in no particular order” and “tracks of 2016” are flexible in their definitions. There will be one song a day, the order is not by preference, although they often become inadvertently by narrative, and if you look through previous years’ indexes you can join in playing “hunt the dead HTML links”.

This has been quite the year. And this is quite the list of the top tracks soundtracking it – in no particular order and in my humble opinion.

1. David Bowie, “I Can’t Give Everything Away”
2. Frank Ocean, “White Ferrari”
3. Christine and the Queens, “Tilted” 
4. Le Super Homard, “Dry Salt In Our Hair”

5. Sharon Needles, “Hollywoodn’t”
6. Bon Iver, “33 “GOD””
7. De Montevert, “It’s Alright, I’m Probably Dreaming”
8. Shura, “What’s It Gonna Be?”

9. BOSS, “I’m Down With That”
10. Boxed in ft. Foundation. “Running Out”
11. ZAYN, “Pillowtalk”
12. The Capital, “Hummingbird”

13. The Coral, “Distance Inbetween”
14. Palomino Party, “Black Russian”
15. Eädyth, “Break”
16. Altar Flowers, “It’s Only Love”

17. ACCÜ, “Adain, Adain”
18. YJY, “Summer Lifeguard”
19. Dua Lipa, “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)”
20. Tokyo Police Club, “Not My Girl”

21. Viola Beach, “Boys That Sing”
22. Beth Orton, “1973”
23. Yr Eira, “Walk on Water”
24. Tulketh, “Bowling Alley Carpark” and Polypores, “Handshake in the Dark”