Tracks of 2015: #23 ‘A Berry Bursts’ (Twin Hidden)


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Discovering new music doesn’t mean what I thought it did many moons ago when fear gripped me into anxiety filled nightmares over the inability to find the edgiest, newest, most hip-and-happening new talent on the streets. Turns out that discovering new music can just mean exactly what it says on the tin: hear something new to your ears and decide whether you like it or not.

I say all this because my ears pricked up so sharply when they first heard “A Berry Bursts” from Twin Hidden that I could have used them to halve citrus fruits. As I’ve made quite clear this month, I’m a sucker for the kind of melody you’d call an aural hallucination if faced with your mental health therapist. There’s two very specific moments in this song which just kick out the worries in my head and replace them with stardust and rainbows. Exactly the kind of discovery I love to know, and share.

Who on earth Twin Hidden are (and where they’ve been, you know, hiding) is a mystery to me. I stopped thinking about the hard facts as I dived further into the sweet waters of their charming lyrics, so sweet and, yes, twee, but all sharply defined. You may find it folksy, even kooky, and I can understand how close it sails towards both those things. The water seems fine to me though, I hope to discover just how deep things go with Twin Hidden from here…

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