Tracks of 2015: #22 ‘Disappointing’ (John Grant ft Tracy Thorn)


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“There’s nothing more beautiful than your smile as it conquers your face.”

What a line. And what a line at the start of a chorus following so many wonderful lines, a shopping list of wry observations undercut with dark and rich irony. This is dark as the most bitter of chocolates and just as delicious. It’s John Grant being as sweet and romantic as he can possibly be, and it melts my heart as he does so.

It would be remiss of me not to be candid about the other reason for choosing this song as a track of the year. Chief amongst all the choices on the rundown this year for reasons of pure selfishness is this because it’s the early frontrunner for designation as ‘our song’ by my boyfriend and I, and yes, it does say a lot about our relationship that we’re thinking of confirming as ‘our song’ such a darkly ironic and arch lyric as this.

Soppy/slushy justification aside, “Disappointing” is such a standout song. The swagger it holds is a masterpiece of songwriting, grabbing me the moment I heard it quite by chance during lazy weekend YouTube surfing. It should be one of the great big earworms of the year. That it has struggled to break out of ‘cult’ status is so……well okay, I’ll do it…..disappointing.