Tracks of 2015: #20 ‘I Saw a Ghost’ (The Slow Readers Club)


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Here’s the thing. I added Slow Readers Club to last year’s rundown (on the fourth day that time) for the same reasons as I’m adding them this year: no nonsense indie with gusto, not perhaps the most fashionable or groundbreaking, but all the better for that. Last year’s “Forever In Your Debt” and this year’s “I Saw A Ghost” are both solid indie/rock stompers of a kind I’ll always like, unfashionable as that may be.

“I Saw a Ghost” has a list of influences as long and obvious as your arms, of course. I believe that Slow Readers Club are great live (I missed a recent Preston gig unfortunately) and that certainly seems backed up by this song. I know it’s not the done thing to use words like “honest” about bands or their songs these days, so I’ll just invoke it here: there is an authenticity and accent about this band I’ve liked from the moment I first heard them, and it continues with this song. As the podcast presenter who introduced me to this band would so often say “‘ave it”.

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