Tracks of 2015: #19 ‘Plastic’ (New Order)


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Listing these songs in no particular order gives me some freedom to vary things up a bit. Either that or “make things up as I go along”, if you want to see it that way. I had to choose something from New Order this year after their brilliant album so why not choose a belter of a track in the closing few days of the process, and why not have the word ‘plastic’ appear twice in a row?

New Order have been one step ahead of young whippersnappers for their entire career. You’ve been able to hear their influence in new bands every year since, perhaps no more obvious in the last few years with another surge in synths in the charts. I’m certain fans will sigh at their only commercial radio airtime being “Blue Monday” these days but if you’re going to be known for one song, that’s not a bad epitaph is it really?

“Plastic” would make a good companion piece to Pet Shop Boys’ “Axis” from a few years ago, both love letters to the dance scenes bands like theirs helped create. It’s a song of great strength and heft, and by God, does that “I Feel Love” bass not make you want to boogie all night? Course it does. From one of the albums of the year, a sure fire nominee of songs of the year.