Tracks of 2015: #16 ‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’ (Everything Everything)


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Sorry Django Django. So sorry.

See, at the front end of this year I was all over “First Light” from Django Django. Then this happened. And I had to chin-stroke, coin-toss, umm and aah, and other two-worded considerations occurred besides until the choice was confirmed. Maybe it was the unusually cluttered ending to “First Light” which did it for me, because if there’s one thing anybody can say about “Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread”, it’s that the song is one straightforward experience.

While everybody went totally bananas for ‘Distant Past’ I remained unconvinced. Not that I am only sold by nursery rhymes or ice cream jingles, you understand, but for sheer joy it’s this later release which stuck with me for being more than just the rush to the title. Maybe it’s the part of me still tapping my foot at Bastille’s “Pompeii” (he says with a straight face.)

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