Tracks of 2015: #15 ‘The Sleep Department Advise…’ (Polypores)


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Dozens of tracks on Polypores’ bandcamp page and I go for a single song from a loosely-linked series showing only on SoundCloud. Truly I’m more predictable than I thought.

To give it the full name “The Sleep Department Advise You NOT to Leave the House” is one of a series of ‘Sleep Department’ electronic tracks linked by the themes and experiences of insomnia. Some tracks contract and envelop, others expand and pulsate. This is the most immediate of the songs for me, as menacing as the others but with great narrative heft too.

Recently performing his sets live, Lancashire-based Polypores specialises in building tension and melody through repetitious, brooding electronica. The “Sleep…” series may not feature prominently but they give a good taste of the weird, wired, and wonderful world elsewhere.


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