Tracks of 2015: #14 ‘Rhythm Inside’ (Loïc Nottet)


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“Plucky little Belgium has a point at last”

He marches around, gurns, pirouettes, face-grabs and even lies down on stage for a bit. He’s possibly bonkers. He’s possibly letting everything go after spending months in an office job. Maybe his drinks were spiked before hand. Whatever happened, I know one thing – this is a cuckoo-bananas song more twisted than a telephone wire and I bloody love it.

Of course it’s got layers of influences showing itself like the fabric of a cheap coat. It’s Eurovision, there’s no originality here. What it has works all the contemporary and current on-trend  influences into something genuinely endearing. The Lorde-style introduction kicks off a very different kind of Eurovision pop song, one which experts in this sort of thing might say, “Hang on, that’s Germany’s winner from 2009.” I have a sneaking regard for pop with even the slightest hint of subversive character about it. I know where it comes from, I know what it is, but for me, “Rhythm Inside” and the curious Loïc singing it are two stand-out highlights of the year.