Tracks of 2015: #12 ‘Jealous’ (Nick Jonas)


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Rhyming ‘hellish’ with ‘jealous’? GENIUS

I think my favourite part of this song is the end of the second verse when Jonas (+others) thought “screw it” to fitting lyrics to the melody and, like a bad radio DJ, crashed their own song. Beautiful.

Lyrically ridiculous – and then some – “Jealous” would be as far away from this list as my kitchen is from the moon were it not for some basic facts. One, this song is a pop belter by some distance. Two, it’s harmless candyfloss, as all good pub songs invariably are. I’m aware that some snooty critics have drawn parallels between this and “Blurred Lines”, but I beg to differ. The latter is rape encouraging misogynist claptrap from the sewer of hell. “Jealous” is nonsense on stilts wearing novelty glasses.

I am further aware that dear old Nick Jonas is walking the same route last traversed by Carly Rae Jepsen in terms of not being able to follow up certified pop wonderstuff with anything remotely as good. There’s still time Nick. There’s still time. But don’t rush yourself, now, reputations can go down as well as up.

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