Tracks of 2015: #11 ‘The Ghosts of Beverly Drive’ (Death Cab for Cutie)


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Guitars, chorus, action.

There’s a joyful, boundless spirit in this song, from a band I rarely listen to more than a man of my aged years should. At first hearing (much as with Taylor’s “Style”, actually), I just knew with a nod of my head that “The Ghosts of Beverly Drive” was my kind of thing. Its drive and rhythm, so old fashioned as considerations in songs I concede, are made of classic elements. There’s even the merest hint of hand-claps in the background, for the love of all things holy. You can’t go wrong with hand-claps in the background!

For all its charm – and there’s ‘retro’ charm from the emo days of the 2000s as much as the 80s synth glory days – this is Death Cab for Cutie at their most fun and vibrant. It may not have fingers anywhere near the pulse of fashion, but it’s a darn good sounding, darn strong lasting song. I’m led to understand the album from which it comes is worth checking out too.

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