Tracks of 2015: #10 ‘My Amsterdam’ (Then Thickens)


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Groggy, woozy, attacking, grungy. That’s my dating profile bio *and* a few words which spring to mind when thinking about Then Thickens.

Chorley’s down and dirty rock band Then Thickens just keep on producing gloriously sludgy music, thick with both melody and menace. “My Amsterdam” has its drug themed lyric and a spaced-out druggy guitars chasing one last punch before its closing wig-out reminds you that this is no ordinary ride. Songs don’t have to finish like this one does, but be not mistaken, this is bloody does with all hell raised.

I included Then Thickens on a previous end-of-year rundown for similar reasons to this: words like “honest” and “authentic” mean little in music reviewing because they have always had the whiff of obviousness about them. However it may be measured, “My Amsterdam” has the honesty of people’s poetry about it, and I would wager Then Thickens would appear next year if they wish to keep up sounding this good.