Tracks of 2015: #3 ‘Alive’ (Sia)


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Well it’s not quite as though I’ve actually chosen Adele, is it?

If one song took my attention whilst trying to otherwise ignore the office radio it was this one. Sia has cemented her reputation as an expressive, inventive, fascinating talent, and with “Alive”, brought to my mind the image of a woman holding commercial radio by the dangly-bits whilst laughing her head off. As brave as commercial radio can be under its many layered constraints, their decision to playlist “Alive” – with Sia’s broken and cracked voice, the sheer weight of emotion bursting through each chorus – really did seem to represent something significantly different.

This was not a woman forced to have her voice rubbed away to resemble the smooth surface of an egg. At times, and from quite early on, her voice cracks and breaks. You don’t just hear the breaths between the lines in the empowerment choruses, there’s the sheer force of effort too. And it works. It really works.

Sia has already proven her worth as a creative woman who ignores the raised eyebrows of doubtful audiences. Her default setting appears to encourage questions, debate, discourse, and I’ll always be attracted to artists who wrinkle the surface of mainstream media. This song was originally intended for Adele’s consideration, as you may already know. It would have been a great loss (maybe literally, tucked away on disc 2 of limited-edition Japanese re-release CDs sometime around 2018) had Adele accepted the offer.

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