Tracks of 2014 — #24 Royal Blood “Ten Tonne Skeleton”

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This sounds like rock and/or roll. In a year when the guitar wielders have been mostly concerned with keeping things low and layered, Royal Blood are the great table-upending, high octane alternative. “Ten Tonne Skeleton” could not give one solitary flippetyjibbert about bursting out of the office radio at a tone and level that would suggest somebody had been altering the dial again, as more often than not, it would be the loudest and brashest part of the running order. And praise be to the heavens for that.

Royal Blood is just a duo, by the way, which makes their output all the more unbelievable. If you’re not up to speed with them, I’d call them for ease of reference “the long term legacy of the White Stripes”, and all deeply covered in a British rock sensibility. I looked down the remaining clump of songs in my end of year longlist, ummed and aahed, chin-stroked and fretted, and then concluded that it was logical enough to end on both a high note and a loud one. This age of softly-softly needs to be kept on its toes, that’s for sure.


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