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If there’s an equivalent to last year’s list, I’m looking at First Aid Kit as this year’s Haim. The track “My Silver Lining” is a charming track with an undercurrent of bite and attitude, as flowing and ‘Americana’ as something like yesterday’s choice Real Estate. I have quite the personal thing for this kind of multi-layered song, simple on the surface with a lot content running along underneath. With all the dangers of being full of quaint “new country” charm, “My Silver Lining” has a full-on punch which runs through the entire song, picking out influences from far off in its family tree (there’s enough Fleetwood Mac and Dolly Parton to keep Radio 2 happy for years) without ever sounding out-and-out-retro.

Like Haim, First Aid Kit successfully manage to be a band of women without the big neon arrows pointing out how darn tooting feminine they happen to be; there’s no tokenism here, and how refreshing to look back over the past few years at the growing number of all-female bands whose gender is far in the background behind their music. Just the one tiny little teeny-weeny issue………that band name is shyte, no?

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