Tracks of 2014 — #19 DZ Deathrays “Reflective Skull”

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Flippant, middle-finger flipping, grungy, silly, crotch-grabbing japes. I love it.

“Reflective Skulls” is the Beastie Boys taking “Seven Nation Army” for a swift pint. I don’t know much about the youthful scamps behind DZ Deathrays, but whatever makes up their band, song writing format and future career plans is all fine by me. “Reflective Skull” is bonkers, utterly cuckoo-bananas, and yet it gets to me just as “Seven Nation Army” did all those years ago: killer riff, no-nonsense title spewing, over in under four minutes. It may be that I’ve misinterpreted the attitude here, but the flippant video and Australian nationality does lean towards this whole package being one great rebirth of surf-n-stoner-turfing-out and I can’t help but feel attracted.

Championed as the kind of song to get the party started (or the party ramped up another notch), I just wish it had appeared on a number of end-of-year lists. It seems to have been overlooked. I can’t fathom why. DZ Deathrays may never release anything again; they should be renowned for “Reflective Skull”. *Unless, as the video suggests, they’re proper Australian punk-popsters and give not one solitary fruit-loop……*