Tracks of 2014 — #13 Rae Morris “Skin”

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Leaving Lorde to one side (not least because she is currently sitting behind Björk’s throne muttering “Just abdicate already, I’m Queen Kooky now, bitch!”), the one great name in slightly off-piste females this year has been Rae Morris. Educated in Preston and now famous in ALL THE PLACES, Rae was attached like a jigsaw piece to Bombay Bicycle Club during their residency at 6 Musi….I mean, the new album launch thing they did at some point, but now she’s all on her own and making quite the name for herself.

“Skin” certainly is the song in sang-froid, if you know what I mean. It’s such a fragile lyric, and yet such character and emotion. It’s not easy putting such an icy frost over what is, ostensibly, mainstream pop, yet Rae manages to do so without over-production or under-selling. Coupled with one of the great stand-out videos of the year, “Skin” has certainly justified the BBC’s shortlisting her as one of the sounds of next year: I am confident in naming her one of the female voices of this.