Tracks of 2014 — #11 Espher “To The Sky”

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Espher on Moses Gold duties

Espher on Moses Gold duties

Espher is a quiet genius, a feature of Manchester’s musical fringes if you’ve ever been out for more than an hour or so in the see-and-be-seen places. His new EP “Insular” is released this month, and the title stands as a rock solid ironic punchline to the expansive mass of its contents; sweeping electronica and dance beats drift to-and-fro, the complex inner workings of love (and lord knows how many left-over pieces there are once you’ve tried sticking them all together again) spilling out in all the contradictory patterns that emotion tends to enjoying doing from time-to-time.

“To The Sky” is the stand-out track for me; immediate and subtle, familiar and alien, the track builds on skewed techo foundations in the only way possible, slightly twisted but nonetheless structurally sound. No, it’s not perhaps a track to throw in the middle of a house party (not that I’ve hosted one for a while), but if you do have a gathering of folks at short notice, I’d consider pressing ‘play’ on this one, there’s bound to be a positive reaction from them. Cultured, in all senses, “To The Sky” is the great curious unknown of my month-long run down.