Tracks of 2014 — #10 The War On Drugs “An Ocean In Between The Waves”

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I was not expecting to dive straight into The War On Drugs, though Blimey Charlie, how easy is it to let their album drift up track by track until you’re completely smothered? Their particular retro-charm is, of course, more middle of the road than neon lights, and I kinda like it. Written during a prolonged moment of personal heartbreak, “Lost In the Dream” is an album dripping with pathos and lost love, and yet there’s no sense that we’re just being allowed into the celebration of self-pity which can often happen under such trying circs.

This song clocks in at over 7 minutes, managing to take in a bit of Bruce Springsteen, a great swathe of Dire Straits and just a smidge of Fleetwood Mac as it does so. Beautifully crafted without ever feeling anchored a particular mood, I flagged this track up almost immediately as a standout of the year, and so it proved.

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