Tracks of 2014 — #9 Ásgeir “Going Home”

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If yesterday’s choice of Beck’s “Blue Moon” isn’t a big huge clue about my soft centre, then this is the great hulking flashing neon light declaring “MARSHMALLOW FOR A HEART”. Yes, this song had me melting when I first heard it, and I know it’s polished within an inch of its life, I know it’s a bit “Dallas Green meets Chill Out Classics IV”, and yet, and yet…It just attracts me in the unfathomable way so often true of crafted pop ballads.

Yer man Ásgeir is a curious old sort from what I can gather (he’s covered Nirvana in his typical rough-bloke-with-soft-piano way). I can’t confirm if he’s as…er…special as Lorde, though there’s something behind his eyes that suggests they’re both on the lunatic fringe of mainstream music. Plonking that to one side, “Going Home” is one of those great big unapologetic soppy anthems I think has been lost during 2014, unless it’s hiding in very small text in the lower reaches of newspaper retrospective list articles. Unlikely.