Tracks of 2014 — #5 Slow Readers Club “Forever In Your Debt”

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>>>> Track 6

A cheat, this one. When I wrote last year’s run-down I didn’t know this track was released. Now it’s being re-released, so in a way, it’s Fate and happenstance, rather than out-and-out cheating. Anyway, Slow Readers Club are criminally underrated and I think they ruddy well deserve highlighting every which way.

It is a little insight into my mind, this, but I like the different elements of the song as much as the whole; the bass chugging along, the lyrics (both in character and melody), the mood of indie sensibilities which remind me that, mercifully, there are bands out there who don’t sound like nampy-pampy boyband nonsense.

If you scoot about Souncloud you can enjoy a fair amount of live sets from them which should attract you to them even further. I will be, hem hem, forever in their debt.

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