Tracks of 2014 — #4 The Watchmakers “Illumination”

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Turn up, chill out, get down; it’s the lads from Manchester (and, you might wag, from half-way through 1968) with an absolute cracker of a song. The Watchmakers make no bones about the sound they want to fill venues with, and Hell’s Bell’s, do they fill venues. They’re one of those old fashioned types who prefer to get up on stage and give everyone a real whammer of a finish, producing the kind of live gigs which get talked about, not just written-up.

I could name check everything they’ve recorded thus far, but I’ll highlight this cracker of a 60s wig out for my list. “Illumination” does exactly what its title suggests, although it’s more lava lamp than fog lights, if you know what I mean. The mainstream indie scene might whinge like a rusty gate but in bands like The Watchmakers, there’s something of great substance out there to be experienced.  In short: I am ruddy bloody shrubbery-heck mad for ’em.